Salt of this earth, it coursed through my veins
Brought into being
Sailed along atlantic seas
Made hunger my compass
For dreams are scarce
And the land is bare.

Tore worlds and maps apart
Sailed beyond capes, unveiling Adamastores
In putrid lumber handled by crude carvers
Sailed rough pacific oceans
For the indic were endless
giving so many to the waters

With tribes and folk
Made trade, made war and bred
For weak is the flesh
And stronger than sense is lust.
At each day’s’ shading dusk
Foreign worlds I’ve made my own.

Today, salt of this earth and far more
My mind has forgotten long ago
I hold in one hand the life I lead
In the other the obscurity concealed within
To be always begun yet ever done
Sailing in pursuit of uncharted waters… all

António Patrício Pereira / Edgar Arruda (translation)