Barely even close to downtown courtyard
Already the band makes my step quiver
To the flow of the sounds
Whilst I, lost in the rhythm,
Struggle to keep my pace
Dance to dance
Spending the day, the nights!
From dance to dance
Dancing to the passing life
In its endless season
Fancy and existence consume me
The dancing continues
To the flow of this lasting melody
Over and anew…
Not a sound nor utterance
To the flow of the transient many
In a turbulent, frantic dance
When the music comes to an end
Drained by such torment
Returning thereupon yet again…
With closed eyes
I long for the hopeful days
Starting over and anew
One lifetime more
One bite more
of this so called life.

António Patrício Pereira / Gonçalo Julião (translation)

Image drawing / Joaquim Alves (Portugal)