Now, bent over life
Wide open eyed,
I dive into this immense sea
Pulsating in my veins.

Through the day dreamed sea scum
I meditate beyond time and measure
On how many lives felt,
Lives forfeited will thee sum.

Lord of endless abysses,
Master of the forgotten eternity.
As hectic, headstrong as the bewildered
Men lying on thy briny bed.

Gulls screech forebodings
Gusts of wind hit my face, gusting laments
Of those seeking divine absolution
In thy yonder tidal waving.

Souls enclosed in inflicted pains
Smothered cries hush at the core
Corrosive tears crease the faces
of the living dead.

António Patrício Pereira / Gonçalo Julião (translation)

photo image / Francisco Figueiredo (Portugal)